Bucharest Nightlife Programs

Choose from all our activities & night-life options - clubs, bars, discos, casinos, hot shows. Guided by Bucharest nightlife experts.

Bucharest Bar Tour

Bar Tour in Bucharest in The Beer Wagon Pub.
Bar Tour in Bucharest
Pub in Bucharest
Bucharest beer

Pub Crawl is our way of city sightseeing. We know that the most important landmarks for a stag group to visit are the most lively pubs and bars (we strongly recommend the Carul cu bere (The Beer Wagon) here in Bucharest). You get free beer in the first bar and then further bars are on your route (usually 3 to 5 depending on group pace).

from 14 EUR per person

Bucharest Dance Clubs & Discos

Dancer in Bamboo night club
Weekend & Stag packages in Bucharest
Night life in Bucharest
Place for your parties in Bucharest

Bucharest night clubs get really crowded on Friday and Saturday nights and spending your precious time in queues is not the reason you chose Romania. With us you will get prepaid entry tickets and table reservation in selected dance clubs and discos as well as one of our night-life expert girls as your guide for that evening.

from 13 €

Bucharest Wild Nights

Lap dancing for stag parties in Bucharest
Stripper in Bucharest
Bucharest stripper
Poker in strip club

Enjoy lap dancing and striptease at its very best. We reserve for you entrance to premium Bucharest gentlemen's club and you can watch the show at the main stage or opt for private dance only for you. There is no better way to celebrate then enjoy table dancers show. Friday and Saturday entrance to lap dancing club must be prebooked in advance.

12 € per person

Bucharest VIP Casino Entry

Casino Olympic
Rulet in Bucharest
VIP entry to best Bucharest casino
Exclusive Grand Casino
Experience the top-class casino managed by Western company in city centre of Bucharest. The variety of games includes roulette, black jack and poker, as well as up-to-date slot machines and video poker. You must be over 18 and dress appropriately.

VIP Lap-dance Club with Free Drinks

Romanian erotic sexy dancer
Buddhist striptease club in Bucharest
Female strippers in most luxurious Bucharest lap dancing club
Private dance performed by gorgeous hot girl

Piping hot girls, invitation only entry, free drinks, free small snacks, handpicked decor. It is upscale, it is naughty and if you can afford don't miss this striptease club of highest category.

We have partnered with this exclusive high-end lap dance club where dozen of girls are performing on regular basis from 10 PM until 7 AM on the stage and you can enjoy the view while sipping drinks and eating from the rich food buffet. For private experience you can opt for a strip-poker game, strip-show in a elevator or night with up to 3 girls in jacuzzi.

64 EUR per person

Nightlife Guiding with Romanian model guide

Bucharest gorgeous model
Pretty model guide
Romanian gorgeous model
Pretty romanian model guide

A group of female models will act as hostesses during your night out in Bucharest. These girls are damn hot and all have been working as photo models or at fashion shows (actually they are arranged via a reputable modelling agency). With such gorgeous company at his side, the stag may even start rethinking his marriage decision.
The mannequins are aged around 20 - 25 years, some speak medium English and will join the group at bar tour or visit to a nightclub. Any additional costs (drinks, entry fees) have to be covered by the group.

110 €

Cadillac VIP Transfer

Stylish arrival to club or bar in city centre of Bucharest
Party transfer for stag party in Bucharest
Cadillac rental with driver at bachelor party
Corvette available for stylish transfer to Bucharest clubs during stag do

If you want to truly impress your mates, rental of an old American vehicle with driver is a certain possibility! Rent a real party car with private driver and arrive to the bars and clubs of Bucharest in Elvis style and in the envy of everyone. Production of these cars began in 1949 and there are some really fine pieces to choose from as Cadillac de Ville, Mustang, Oldsmobile, Thunderbird or Corvette. Whichever you like, a great experience is guaranteed!

on request


Enjoy your stag do in company of hot girls and dwarf!
Booze & Girls & Dwarf
Add this crazy midget to your bachelor party!

Boost your stag do with little big adventure. Literally!

There is 135cm (4,5ft) of calamity prepared for your groom to turn his night inside out. Before he puts on a wedding ring, decorate his hands with original handcuffs attaching him to a midget for the whole night!

Two are better than one, aren't they?

189 € (3 hours dwarf-hire)


Modern Bowling Track
Starting Night with Bowling
Bowling Club Bucharest
Bowling Groom vs Best Man

Don't miss this magic 4 B's combo: Bucharest & Bachelor & Bowling & Beer!

Bowling is an evergreen activity that is far from fading away. If you want your stag night to start easily and then escalate into drinking bout, meeting your mates at ten-pin bowling is the best stepping-stone.


Pool Billiard

Billiard is perfect idea for starting your stag night.
Especially groom'll enjoy a cosy evening with billiard and beer.
Modern billiard club in Bucharest.
Enjoy the game and then head out for the city!

Billiard had been around for years and years and never lost its charm. If you want to make your night start classy, little billiard match with friends is just for you.

Billiard club in Bucharest offers friendly mood and top class services. Modern design and specially chosen lighting support cosy atmosphere in club. You can test your concentration and pointing skills on a professional level, because except 11 pool tables it offers a Riley snooker table used for the official World Championships and professional competitions worldwide as well.


Three-course Romanian Dinner

Very traditional Romanian mushroom soup.
Facilities of Bucharest restaurant.
Sweet end of your dinner.
Happy groom with a great meat porcion!

Staying in Bucharest without tasting its traditional meals is not even worth mentioning! You can hardly feel a real atmosphere of the city without experiencing it with all your senses.


Steak Dinner with Drink

Juicy roasted steak with potatoes.
Cheering while waiting for great steak portions.
Delicious steak with mushrooms-beer sauce.
Well-known restaurant in Romania serving delicious food.

Undergo a proper preparation before going on a binge! Fill your stomach with moist & juicy steak from superb Romanian restaurant.

If you are a man who likes it well-roasted, you should go for Grilled Beef Steak. For those who want to follow guaranteed good tradition, Tarragon Chicken Breast is your choice. In case you don't feel like changing your habit and you better enjoy something classic, the waitress will serve you Montana Classic Burger. We are pretty sure everybody finds what he likes!


Stag Dinner with Lesbo Show

Two hot lesbians will come to perform tempting striptease for the future groom.
Traditional Romanian dinner ended up with sexy surprise.
Feast your eyes on two beautiful girls after you finish delicious meal.
Traditional and very delicious Romanian cabbage rolls.

Can you fall in love with dining out? Answer is:Yes! With us you can!

When we say it'll be spicy, we don't talk about food. Your meal is just the beginning.

This extraordinary experience starts with dinner of two courses. The restaurant with a private room for your group serves good meals and we selected a main course with meat & side dish and a sweet dessert. Our dessert offer does not end with a cake, but along with the meal there will be feast for your eyes served as well.


Stag Dinner with Dominatrix Striptease Show

This stripper will play with you a game of her own rules.
2-course dinner consists of typical Romanian dishes.
Dominatrix striptease will pump up the adrenaline in your blood!
Enjoy the atmosphere of traditional high-quality Romanian restaurant.

Have you ever thought you would need to pluck up your courage before going out for dinner?
Does the groom DARE for this special eating experience?

If the answer is "yes", then he definitely shouldn't miss out our unique combination of delicious dinner and Dominatrix striptease show!

After enjoying two-course meal there is a time for inviting mistress to play with your poor friend a dangerous game of her own rules.

Cheat at your own risk!


Trendy Lounge-Restaurant with 3-Course Dinner

Cabbage rolls belong to the very Romanian dishes.
Traditional Romanian restaurant.
Taste delicious Romanian meals in popular restaurant in Bucharest.
Mouth-watering desert.

Do you want to make your stag night long-lasting? Then you need to get the right energy from the very beginning!

Before clubbing, start out your stag do in a cosy pre-party restaurant. It's a very popular outset for wild partying. You will be served with free drinks and delicious 3-course dinner. After you finish your meals, our guide can show you which other bars in the city are worth of visit!


Absinthe Night Bar Crawl

Green Fairy for the whole stag group.
Trendy bar located in the city center.
Experience the traditional way of drinking Absinthe.
Stag group enjoying their Bar Crawl.

Have you heard of a Green Fairy? It's neither a nymph from a book, nor a hot lady from a strip club. It's a legendary green, aromatic liquer that turns your ordinary drinking into intensive experience!

World famous Absinthe has been controversial since it's very beginning. There is no other drink about which would have been written so many poems, no other drink that would have caused so many debates in history.


Pub Crawl

Stag group drinking their beer in trendy bar.
Cold beer in the evening, hot girls in the night!
Our expert on Bucharest night life will show you the hot spots of the city.
Experience perfect Pub Crawl with your stag friends!

There are two things men will never have enough - women and a beer!

To satisfy the first need you have to check out the other tempting night activities in Bucharest. But to satisfy the second desire, take part in our standard Pub Crawl, which by our standards means "just" 5 beers per person included!

With help of our guide you can make up tour-de-bar perfectly tailored to preference of your stag group. Or you can be spontaneous and enter those bars where the prettiest ladies have just walked in.


Pub Crawl Grand

Guide takes you to the most visited bars in Bucharest.
Extra beer for your stag group with Pub Crawl Grand.
You can choose which bars and pubs you want to visit.
Pub Crawl is a must of every stag do!

This is the choice of real men! On a scale from 1 to 10, how much beer do you need to get completely pissed? Find it out with our exclusive Pub Crawl Grand!

Bucharest nightlife is very vivid and with this activity you will pop into the most trendy bars & pubs. In other words, you will get 10 beers for free whenever you choose!

Who will be the last one successfully maintaining a balance?

You better find yourself a cure for morning hangover!


Cultural Pub Crawl

When drinking in bars & pubs, we advise you to search for the local spirits!
Beautiful local girl will guide you through the streets of Bucharest.
Stag group meeting a hot girl in the first bar.
Bucharest's atmosphere in the night is charming.

Bucharest is a remarkable city with rich history and there is a lot of monuments worth of visit. But you'll be too busy with your stag duties and most likely there won't be any time left for sightseeing. Does it seem like a problem? With our stag activity no more!


Casino Night

Modern and luxurious facilities of casino in Bucharest.
Come to win in trendy casino!
Famous casino in Bucharest city center.
Enrich your wallet with extra money you can spend on drinks & girls later on.

Before clubbing and heading out for nightlife it's great to fill your pockets with money.

In the classy casino in Bucharest you will occupy your mind with making up the game strategies but the reward will be worth it! There are gambling machines and also live games available.

Turn your chips into money which you can spend on drinks and girls afterwards!

Winner takes it all!


Cocktail Cruise

They are shiny and sweet, but also very strong!
Taste delicious cocktails in cocktail bar in Bucharest
Be served with delicious and original drinks
Stag group waiting for their cocktails

Let's sail the seven seas of long drinks and exotic cocktails. If you like it strong and sweet, you shouldn't miss out our Cocktail Cruise with lovely female guide.

She'll take you on the tour of posh cocktail bars and lounge clubs. You'll visit the hot spots of Bucharest and taste drinks made by professional barmen.

This activity is a great appetizer before your wild stag night!


Student Night Club

Stag group going wild in student club.
Student club is full of sexy young students!
Kick off your stag do with young girls in trendy night club!
Bucharest offers top-class night clubs.

There's no other place on the Earth with more heated atmosphere, no other place with so many gorgeous girls per square metre.

We were born this way and we enjoy it this way: We do love to gaze at stunning young students dressed in their checkered mini skirts! Walking through the city these girls always make you twist your neck.

We bring on a good news: No more neck pain! Now you have a unique chance to meet these (in)experienced ladies in a hot student club and re-experience your student times again!


Lesbo Show

Sexy lesbian striptease brightens up your stag do!

When girls join men in their stag do, it doesn't always have to be a disaster. These ladies won't complain about visiting too many strip clubs and lap dance clubs. They'll proudly take part!

Brighten up your afternoon activity or hanging out in pub with awfully seductive duo. These girls will come and show you how they move their perfect curves and how they like to play... with each other.

...do you still hesitate?


Marathon Pub Crawl

Drinking at a trendy bar in the center of Bucharest.
You'll get free beer but we advise you to try out traditional Romanian shots!
Our guide shows you the most trendy bars in the city.
Stag buddies enjoying their Marathon Pub Crawl.

It's said that men have inborn talent for sports. Haven't you found your strong sport side yet? I bet we have found an activity that perfectly suits you!



Your stag do cannot miss seductive striptease of a well-shaped girl!

There's no shame in asking for help, for instance asking a sexy lady to help you make your evening unforgettable!

Put a little erotic gloss on your activities. Tempting striptease is a great prelude to your wild stag night.


Romanian Shots Bar Crawl

Try Romanian specialities and taste a peace of Romanian culture!
Visit the most trendy bars & pubs in Bucharest!
Get a beer and shots in bar for free!
Attractive guide'll help you to make up your original tour de bar!

It would be a sin to come to Romania and don't taste the local spirits!

Easter Europe is famous for strong shots and Romania is not an exception. Ţuică is a traditional Romanian spirit prepared only from plums, which can contain up to 60% alcohol!

You will be in a company of our attractive guide who will escort you to the pubs of your own choice.

Sounds like an invitation to a drunken night, doesn't it?



Devote one of your stag nights to partying in nightclubs.
Bucharest's clubs are crowded with hot dancers.
Hot nightclub in the city center of Bucharest.
Great atmosphere, strong drinks, sexy girls!

Partying and club hopping are essential parts of every stag do.

Bucharest is famous for its nightlife and our sweet local guide will familiarize you with the most trendy clubs of this sinful city. You will enjoy the best of Bucharest's nightlife and together with wild locals experience amazing parties!

Brace yourself, morning hangover is coming!


Sky Bar Restaurant Dinner

Enjoy a dinner in one of the restaurants with the most beautiful view of Bratislava!

The Old Town of Bratislava will be spread below your feet with a view of the Bratislava Castle and the St. Martin's Cathedral - two of the most visited sights.

The restaurant atmosphere will throw you back to seaside mood where you can forget all your troubles. During the summer period, the restaurant opens the terrace as well where you can enjoy the summer time.


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