Bucharest Daytime Activities

Activities for your party trip to Bucharest. Have fun at paintballing, go-karts, clay shooting, football match, laser quest or any other action from our portfolio.

Power Outdoor Go-Karting

Outdoor go karting fun
Prepared for the race
Trophies for the winners ceremony
The final race

Make your stag party more attractive! Try adrenaline on wheels - that is the power karting. On modern outdoor track you will get new skills in driving and you will have lot of fun. The bar offers good refreshment and we invite you for a beer.


from 71 € per person

Indoor Go-Karting

Indoor go karting in Bucharest
Go kart racers in action
Go karting hostess
Indoor go karting in a modern arena

Perfect way to spend the afternoon and reset your mind (and maybe to cure a hangover) is to sit in a car and unrestrictedly drive through the country. But your stag do deserves something special!

Speed up the level of adrenaline in your blood and try out go-karting on 350 meters long and 7,5 meters wide indoor track!

Brace yourself! Everybody wants to win but the curves are sharp and the track is tricky!

on request

Paintballing in Bucharest

Ready for Bucharest paintballing
Fun with paintballing
Paintballing in Bucharest
Stag group in Bucharest

Furious paintball battle is the best way for the warrior characters to smash the less dominant people without doing them any real harm. The package includes modern paintball equipment for your safety and starting 250 balls. Additional balls are available for small charge on site.

The package includes up to 3 hours of play.

from 35 € per person

Clay Pigeon Shooting in Bucharest

Bucharest shooting activity
Clay shooting by professional
Hot shooting
Bucharest shooting range

This great modern shooting range is located few miles from Bucharest and is really worth the visit. The traditional shooting activity will start with safety briefing and then you will have 25 shots to down 25 clay pigeons.


from 43 € per person

Express Outdoor Go Karting

Go Karting in Bucharest
Bucharest's karting
Outdoor Go Karting in Bucharest, Romania
Go Karting race

Thrilling adrenaline on wheels - that is the karting. On modern outdoor track on outskirts of Bucharest you will have the opportunity to test your driving skills


from 42 € per person

Bucharest Laser Tag

Laser Quest in Bucharest
Laser game for everyone
Stag has a fun in Bucharest
Shooting with laser guns

Feel like a figure in post apocalyptic computer combat simulation! Futuristic style game brings you to an indoor hall suitable for any weather conditions. The playground is specially adjusted to create real fighting atmosphere in dark labyrinths, consisting of platforms, ramps, obstacles and slides.

from 24 € per person

Rent Ferrari

Luxurious ride on Ferrari 360 modena in Bucharest
Stag do Ferrari driving experience
Try a ride on the most desired sports car in the world
Exciting day-time activity of riding Ferrari Modena 360 for stag parties

No doubt that red Ferrari plays a role in every man's dreams. Although for most people it will remain a dream forever, during your Bucharest stag do you have a chance to try this amazing car by yourself! The Ferrari Modena 360 is a mid-engine sports car with 3600 cm engine, automatic transmission and luxurious interior with 2 seats all covered by leather. Before the exciting ride on the world's most famous sports car, better make sure you understand what impact has red cabrio on women!

on request

Pistol shooting

Bucharest shooting from pistols
Man shooting from 9mm Glock in outdoor shooting range
Glock pistol shooting in Bucharest
Sig sauer pistol shooting for stag do in Bucharest

Try shooting from pistols in modern shooting range near Bucharest, where you can choose whether you will use the Glock 9mm - a short semi-automatic pistol or the Sig-Sauer 9mm service pistol. Because of their minimum weight these guns are widely used by police, special units, security services and also military. In addition, both of them have safety features which make them easy to operate for everyone.

on request

Glock Carbine Shooting

Shooting activity for stag groups in Bucharest
Carbine shooting in Bucharest
Try shooting at the modern outdoor range
Shooting in Bucharest with transfer, instructions and guide

Assault rifles are standard rifles in most modern armies. This pistol-rifle conversion will change the Glock pistol into an assault rifle within seconds and right after you will have 25 shots to try the shooting from carbine. Conversion kits provide a better grip, stability and platform when shooting. With this type of gun your aiming and accuracy will be perfect.

on request

Extensive Shooting Package

Shooting package in Bucharest including shooting from assault Glock carbine gun
Stag do package of shooting from different guns
Man shooting pigeons
Shooting from different guns near Bucharest

Enjoy shooting at maximum! Once coming to the shooting range in Bucharest, make the most from this experience. Our extensive offer includes pistol shooting from Sig-Sauer 9 mm, shooting from assault rifle Glock Roni G1 Carbine as well as shooting of clay pigeons.

from 79 € per person

Beach in the city

LePlage Buddha bar Bucharest
Stag do day-time at swimming complex in Bucharest
Modern beach club and bar
Buddha bar lounge for perfect day during stag party in Bucharest

The modern beach club in Bucharest located few minutes from city centre is ideal for all summer lovers. Enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of summer besides partying in the night and have some fun with your mates during the day. Surrounded by pools, palm trees and women in bikini, you will drink your cocktail with feet in the sand. The outdoor club (open at nights too) has a great offer of drinks and the pool bar right in the water is what you will love during a hot day. Beach club restaurant is also available on site.

on request

Summer Waterpark

Stag party day in Aqua park in Bucharest
Aqua park entrance and transfer in Bucharest
Daytime activity - slides, pools, bars, restaurants and more in Bucharest
La Plaja, Bucharest

Newly build water park close to the town will take care of your day-time entertainment in Bucharest during warm days. The large sandy area with capacity more than 7000 visitors has everything for summer fun and partying and you will feel like in an exotic resort whole day! At the outdoor area you will find lot of pools with different slides up to 20 metres high, the wave pool, multi-lane racing slide, lazy river pool with swim rings, beach and two beach volleyball courts. Restaurants, snack bars, cafes and beach bar offer typical summer dishes and drinks.

on request

Tandem Parachute Jump

Parachute jump in tandem with instructor in Bucharest
Sta do adrenaline activity in Bucharest - tandem parachute jump
Successful parachute jump
Bachelor party jump from the plane with parachute

Tandem parachute jump is a perfect activity during stag weekends for two main reasons - it is extremely adrenaline and still doesn't require any previous experience! Throughout the whole jump, you will be bound tightly to you instructor who always remains above. In the beginning, the instructor will explain you what you need to know during the jump and the plane will take you in 20 minutes to the height of 3 000 meters. One minute free fall at 200 kph and about 10 minutes hover with opened parachute is the experience you will never forget!

on request

Rally Driving

Autocross track in Bucharest
Test your drifting skills on autocross in Bucharest
Dusty rally activity
Brighten up your Bachelor party with adrenaline rally

Get in, fasten your seatbelt, rev the engine and take off for a dusty drive! You have 10 minutes to get the best out of our cars.

Testing one's skills on a 850m long and 12m wide curvy track is a very masculine activity and you definitely shouldn't miss this out on your stag do.

Choose the one you like. There are VW Golf GTI and BMW E26 prepared to get tested their limits.

from 69 EUR per person

Kalashnikov Shooting

Stag buddies enjoying shooting with Kalashnikov
Modern indoor shooting range in Bucharest
Certificated instructor will assist you to ensure safe shooting.

Men have been fascinated with military issues since the year dot. As young boys we played with army toys, later on you were a big macho when you got your first cap gun! But now we grew up and it's time to replace the old toys with the new one!

When you are offered to try shooting with the most legendary weapon ever, there's only one answer: LOCK AND LOAD!


Outdoor Football

Spacious football pitch in Bucharest
Team up with you stag friends and win a match against a local team
Relax on a football pitch with your stag group

Win the day on the green football pitch! Team up with your stag buddies and play a match against the local team.

It's worth to fill the day with some sport activity and football has always been the favourite for men. Hope you have trained enough to win this away match. Give it your all, because there's only little difference between champs and chumps!

Most likely it'll be demanding and exhausting and you need somebody to serve you with fresh water. Who should be the one sacrificed? What about the groom? After all, he needs to rest up for wedding!


High-ropes Park with Adrenaline Jump

High ropes park near Bucharest
Don't fall down and climb it all!
Adrenaline 15 metres jump
Cooperation can be handy! Stag do in high ropes park.

Are you afraid of heights? Then you should skip this activity or you will poop your pants from fear. But if you want to spice up your stag do with some adrenaline, go on with reading!

Try out the high ropes climbing in adrenaline park near Bucharest, full of adventure, full of fun! The adrenaline park is situated in a forest and consists of 11 tree-tracks of various difficulty levels. And if you plack up your courage you can experience the icing on the cake - thrilling jump from 15 meters high platform!


Limo City Tour

We'll pick you up on the airport or drive you from one activity to another.
Get to know the city of Bucharest through the window of sumptuous limo.
Kick off your stag weekend in Bucharest in the highest style as possible!
Add a hot girl to perform a tempting striptease on your way to the hotel.

Your nights are going to be wild, that's why you need to take it easy during the day. Your stag group deserves a little pampering so you can keep up the whole night.

Traffic jams and public transport can make it worse for your already bad hangover. Rely on us and we will provide you with luxury limousine with sumptuous and cosy interior.

If your heart (or eyes) asks for some pleasure, add a stripper on your limo board!


Power Indoor Go-Karting

Don't let the groom to win the race against his stag buddies!
Indoor go karting is fun and action in one!
Perfect arena for indoor go karting is located near the city center!
Ready, steady, go!

Saddle up a motor horse! Prepare for a race with your friends which definitely wouldn't be friendly!

Sharp curves will test your driving skills and prove your ability to handle a car when adrenaline runs through your blood. If you think indoor track can't be that difficult, you are very wrong! Try to stay in line and not crash into boxes. And, of course, don't let your stag buddies to overtake you!

After you cross the finish line you will be awarded with a cold beer.


Otopeni Airport One-Way Transfer

Comfortable and spacious 8-seater waiting for a stag group.
Female guide will wait for your arrival and lead you to the car.

Avoid panic right after arrival. You don't have to worry about finding your way to the hotel through the busy streets of a big city.

Forget untruthful taxi drivers and public transport stucked in a traffic jam. Our female guide will wait for your arrival and you will be comfortably driven to your hotel (or the other way around).

If you want to kick off your stag do right after your feet touch the Romanian ground, a seductive stripper can surprise in a car.


Five-a-Side Footy Match

Shooting a goal
Outdoor football in the evening
Fighting for the ball
Playing indoors

A footy match is a perfect way to clear your head after the previous night-out and recharge the energy for the next party night. You will have a fun with friends and there is also possibility to play against the local team that makes you feel like playing an international match. It is an ideal stag weekend activity that build a sense of team spirit.

on request

Bucharest Tour inclusive visit of the Palace of Parliament

Palace of Parliament
Calea Victoriei
Romanian Arch of Triumph
Athenaeum in Bucharest

We have prepared a special tour for those who besides heavy partying until early morning are also interested in visiting the most famous sights of Bucharest.

In this 3 hours tour you will experience a driven 1,5 hours part through central Bucharest, which includes sights such as Calea Victoriei boulevard with Royal Palace and Athenaeum; Romanian Arch of Triumph; University Square as well as parts of the Old Bucharest.

from 27 € per person

Dracula Castle and Transylvania Tour

Vlad the Impaler
Bran Castle
Peles Castle
The city of Brasov

Visit of Bran castle which is connected with the legendary and evil count Vlad Tepes better known as Vlad Dracula can be great opportunity for those who are interested in history as well as in legends and myths. Additionally tour of the historical city of Brasov is included in the tour and this is always great opportunity to taste good Romanian country-side cuisine.
The full day takes around 10 hours and is recommend for groups staying no less then 3 nights in Bucharest.

from 77 € per person

Football match tickets for Steaua Bucharest games

Derby on stadion
Steaua stadium
football match

The most successful team of Romanian football history plays it's games on stadium close the centre. The trip includes transfers, tickets and one round of beers. The atmosphere at stadium is very good and should you come for the Bucharest derby expect wild times with fireworks and sometimes rowdies fights.


on request

Football match tickets for Dinamo Bucharest match

Logo of Dinamo
Dinamo stadium

Dinamo is the last Romanian League Champion and currently best team in the country. Our package includes round-trip transfers, tickets for the game, one pint of beer per person and our lovely guide who will take care of you..

on request

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